Unique is an Understatement 🙂

When I found this piece, I was thinking "What the heck is this?"   I've never seen a piece of furniture like it.  It's called a "Hidden Chair Table" and what a genius idea !!!  To get this piece ready for painting, I first had to sturdy it up....it was pretty...

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Unique is an Understatement :)

Hello and Welcome to My Blog

 My name is Amy, but everyone calls me Aj.  I'm not new to the thrifted transformation craze, but my past experience has mainly revolved around transforming / refashioning of old thrifted clothing and the hobby of sewing.  With that said, this thirfting addiction...

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Never doubt your vision…..just jump in and make it happen !

I have a new found love of transforming old furniture with a dip of a brush, swipe of sandpaper and a hole lot of trial and error.   It's all about jumping right in and making your vision happen.  If you don't try, it will never happen !! What are you waiting for ?...

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