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Oh, how I love to add a “Pretty Transfer”

With the rich pigmented colors from Dixie Belle paints, accessorized with a transfer….. Dixie Belle makes it easy to get really artistic with your projects.  You know by now that I am obsessed with using Dixie Belle paints, and now I’ve also been on a transfer kick lately and loving the impact it has added to each of my pieces.   Below is a LIVE video I did showing how easy it was to add a transfer to really makes this piece pop with color.    (Https:// )

I’m Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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AFTER:  I used Dixie Belle’s Caviar (black chalk mineral paint) with Redesign with Prima’s Decor Wax in the color Eternal (gold) and Redesign with Prima transfer called Ruby Rose.   Sealed with Dixie Belle’s clear coat sealer in satin.   TIPS:   Do not add a transfer on a piece that has already been waxed or top coated / sealed.   You want to apply the transfer directly on top of the chalk mineral paint for best results.   Seal the transfer after application (My favorite way to seal them is with Dixie Belle’s top coat sealer in Satin or Flat).


AFTER:    Painted this piece with Flea Market Decor Paint in the color Birchwood and highlighted details with the color Aged Ivory.   I added the Redesign with Prima Seashore Transfer to give it a nautical feel.  The transfer already has the distressing, watercolor blues, and script to make a beautiful impact on this piece.   Sealed this piece using Dixie Belle’s top coat sealer in Satin.


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