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Dog Chew On Your Furniture ….Let’s Fix It !!

Dogs love to chew …. and sometime their love of chewing on wood results in damage to our furniture.  Don’t throw it out…. let’s fix it.

Products Needed:  (Click on each product to use my affiliate link to purchase or to check it out)

Sand Paper : 120 grit and a 220 or higher grit

Paint brush : In this video I’m using the Dixie Belle SF (Small Flat brush)

The first thing you need to do is to remove any splinters or loose pieces of wood  with a light sanding .     You might be saying to yourself  “Why not just sand it all smooth?”   Well, if I did that there would be a slope or uneven surface making it obvious that a repair has been made.  (Tip:  if you have a larger splinter that can’t be removed or sanded, then add wood glue to it to make sure it doesn’t come lose and its secured down.)

Then we want to add Dixie Belle Mud with a putty knife to fill in the chewed or damaged area.  Dixie Belle’s Mud is easy to apply, easy to sand to a smooth finish, and when it cures it nice and durable.  (Tip:  Store your Mud in the refrigerator once its been opened to keep it from spoiling).

Once you’ve applied an even coat of Dixie Belle Mud, let it dry (for this project, I let this thin coat dry for 4 hours before sanding).

You can see that it lightens in color once its dry 🙂  .   Use a high grit sand paper (220 to 400 ) to smooth out the Mud and make it blend with the surrounding surface of the furniture piece.  I like to sand in small circular motion to leave it nice and smooth without any sanding lines left behind.  When you have it looking the way you want, then dust it off with a dry cloth.

Now it’s time to add some primer.   I prefer to use either Dixie Belle Slick Stick (for glossy surfaces) or Dixie Belle BOSS.    You will want to prime (even if your piece normally wouldn’t need primer)  this area to seal in the Mud and to make it have the same texture as the rest of the furniture piece.  The primer will make it less detectable when you are completely done with the process.  Let the primer dry for at least an hour before going onto the next step.

Now you can paint and then follow up with a top coat sealer.   I use Dixie Belle’s Vintage Duck Egg as my paint color and then I followed up with Dixie Belle’s Top Coat in Flat.

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