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Trash 2 Treasure Episode 2

I’m Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

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Let’s Begin 🙂 

I love to challenge myself by upcycling home decor items, instead of buying new.    Not only is it a challenge, its a lot of fun and easier than you might think.   Sometimes an item just needs a fresh coat of paint to give it an updated look.

For the Clock:   The clock was a quick project with truly beautiful results.  I added 3 coats of a Dixie Belle’s white paints called “Fluff”.   I could have stopped there, but I wanted to make this an eye catcher ….”something that will get noticed right away in a room”.    An easy was to do this is by adding a [Re]designs transfer from Prima.    On the clock I added scrap images left over from another furniture project…. the images were part of the “French Ceramics” transfer set.

For the Stool :   The stool had 2 brass / shiny strips that I needed to prime with a bonding primer for paint to be able to stick and not scratch off over time.   I used Dixie Belle Slick Stick on these bands.   I didn’t need to use primer anywhere else, because Dixie Belle sticks to pretty much any surface.    After the primer has dried, I applied 2 coats of one of Dixie Belle’s greens called Kudzu.     This was pretty and I could have stopped here, but you know me….. gotta add a little extra.    I decided to add a wash of  50 / 50 Dixie Belle’s Buttercream and Water.    I brushed it on with a chip brush and then wiped it off quickly after applying (working in small sections).     You don’t have to seal Dixie Belle’s paints ….after they have cured in 30 days…they are good to go (but be gentle with your pieces until they have cured…no cleaning products on them ).

Reupholstered the Stool Top:   I removed the old nasty fabric and batting (stuffing) and added new “quilting batting” and fabric.   I got my fabric at an estate sale, so I was definitely doing this project on the dime (very inexpensively).     I have an electric stapler, so doing this project is quick and easy.   See the pictures below to see the reupholstery.  Its all about “pull tight” and staple, “pull tight” and staple….repeating all the way around the circle.   The trick to making this easy is staple in 4 locations before you begin the “pull tight ” steps.   Imagine you are looking at a compass (North, South, East, West)….. staple your fabric first with one staple at each location N, S, E, W .   Then start doing the “pull tight” and staple around the circle.      

Remove old fabric

Cut new fabric and quilting batting to size

First staple fabric at the 4 locations I told you about in the instructions (N,S,E,W)

Staple around the perimeter pulling fabric tight and making sure you fabric is smooth around the edges.   Easy as that 😉

Hope you enjoyed this Trash 2 Treasure.   Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest !!    OOOH and don’t forget Youtube !!!

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