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Using Dark Wax to Add Dimension and Character

I’m a Brand Ambassador with Dixie Belle Paints, all blue text below are my affiliate links that can take you to product’s page on Dixie Belle’s website if you are interested in purchasing.  I get a small commission as a thank you from Dixie Belle and it does not cost you any extra.


Now it’s time to show off those details.  Some people are nervous about using colored waxes, but I’m going to show you how easy and forgiving colored wax can be.

Step 1:    Apply a clear wax.   Chalk paint is porous, so it will want to “grab” what ever is applied directly on it.  This is why I apply the clear wax first.  It will create a barrier between the porous paint and the colored wax.  This barrier will make it easy to move and manipulate the colored wax (which makes the process of using dark wax much easier and more forgiving).  I use “Easy Peasy Spray Wax” as my clear wax of choice for this type of project.   All you have to shake the bottle before using and then spray it directly on the surface.

Let is sit for a few minutes and then use a lint free cloth or staining pad (I use the HDX Staining Pads you can find at your local Home Depot) to smooth out the sprayed areas.

Step 2:  Now that the clear wax is on, we can start with the dark wax.   My secret tool for apply my colored waxes is……….. a cheap “cut off” chip brush.   Yes, you heard me right….. I cut off the tops of my cheap little chip brushes and use them for waxing in small areas and along grooves in wood panels.

Apply a very small amount of your colored wax (I’m using Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in Brown) onto your brush and then tap off any extra into the lid of you wax or onto a paper tower.  We don’t want too much wax on your brush…. very little wax goes a long way, we want it to have a dry brushed look so its easy to blend out.   Then place your brush into the grooves bordering the area you want to highlight and outline the area.

Step 3:  Then go back with your brush (do not add more wax onto your brush) and pull the wax out away from the edge giving it a feathered look.

Step 4:  Place a lint free cloth or shop towel over your fingers and blend the wax to lighten the brush marks.  TIP:  I use Dixie Belle waxes because they are water based so I am able to apply a top coat over my waxes when I’m done…. that helps you keep your waxed look protected over time.

TIP / TRICK:   If you happen to get wax in an area you do not want, or want to remove the dark wax you just applied to an area…… you can !!!  You just need to do it before the wax that you want removed is dry.   You can do this by applying some clear wax to rag and then wipe it on the area you want to remove and WaaLaa…. its like an eraser.

Its just that easy to highlight a recessed panel, drawer, or edges of you furniture piece and it will give it a beautiful aged look.  Check out the pictures below to show how this technique looks as a final result.  You can shop for these and other Dixie Belle products by clicking my affiliate link here:

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