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Best Brushes for Painting Furniture


If you know me, you know I love my Dixie Belle Brushes.    Dixie Belle has a new line of synthetic brushes that are amazing.    I have my favorites, and I’m going to share that with you and tell you why.

Dixie Belle’s new brushes are made of  high quality Dupont synthetic blend Filaments.   These soft bristles hold a lot of paint and I love how they leave a smooth finish.  If you use them slightly damp, your paint has a brush strokes free appearance and your paint also goes much further (meaning you use less paint).   They also have great response with spring back, which also helps with getting that beautiful finish and helps with retaining the natural form and shape of the brush.

Everything about these brushes scream “high quality” and they can be suspended in water to keep them soft and ready to go when ever you need them.    And guess what ……. THEY ARE made right here in the USA!    YES…. you read that right…..MADE IN THE USA !!

I alway make it a habit to wash any new brush I buy before painting with it, just a corky habit of mine but it helps remove any potentially loose bristles and any possible dust from packing materials or shipping.  I’ve always done this and always will 🙂

So, I’ve told you about how great the bristles lay down the paint and leave a smooth finish, but another important details is the handle.   A brush needs to be comfortable to hold onto, allowing you to have control over the paint and not have sore hands after a long day of painting.   Dixie Belle has a comfortable fitting high quality handle.  You can tell by looking at it that some time and thought went into designing the handles, resulting in a comfortable grip.    The mini (which comes in tapered and angled tip) has a shorter handle allowing you to get in the most difficult of spaces.  .

Brushes are label as: (affiliate links)

Here are some of my latest pieces that I’ve used these brushes on:

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