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Updating Furniture Hardware

Ya’ll know that I use Dixie Belle paints for just about all of my projects and I’m always up for saving a few bucks !!   New hardware or custom hardware can be expensive, so why not paint the hardware to fresh’n it up or buy some inexpensive new hardware for a custom look 🙂

Today, I’m going to show you how easy it is to paint your hardware and also give you a few other “quick and easy” ways to save money on your hardware.   Let’s start with “How to paint your hardware” :

Materials Needed:  (Other than the hardware itself…LOL)  All highlighted text (affilaite links) will take you to that product on Dixie Belle’s website:

White Lightening Cleaner : (optional) you can also you any multipurpose cleaner to remove the dirt and greasy build up you find on older hardware.

Slick Stick:  Dixie Belle’s primer for glossy / slippery surfaces.

Dixie Belle Paint :  (I used the color Dried Sage in this project)

Jute String:  (optional) I used this so I could have a more beachy vibe to my piece

Hot Glue / Hot Glue Gun:  (optional) Only needed if you are using twine or jute string for the beachy vibe.

Gator Hide : (or any of the Dixie Belle top coats)  Gator Hide is their strongest, most durable top coats.

Here is a video tutorial if you prefer to watch a video instead of reading it…..I’m giving you both options  since some prefer to read and others prefer to watch 🙂   I gotcha covered !!

Step 1:  Make sure your hardware is clean and also make sure you rinse your hardware after using a cleaner to remove any left over cleaning residue.  Lay them out on a towel and let dry.

click on image (Affiliate Link)

Step 2:  Apply 2 coats (wait an hour between coats) of Slick Stick to the hardware.   Slick Stick is a primer for slippery surfaces, however I’m using it on the hardware because of the amount of wear and tear that hardware takes (fingernails, rings, dirty hands….etc…).   You don’t have to use the Slick Stick, Dixie Belle paints will stick well to metal…. but I want mine to be able to handle pretty much anything and last a long long time.

Step 3:   After the Slick Stick has dried, apply the paint in the color of your choice.  I used Dixie Belle’s Dried Sage for this project.   Usually, one coat will be enough when you have the base coats of Slick Stick on them.

Step 4:  Wait 24 hours, then apply your top coat sealer  (Gator Hide or Dixie Belle’s Top Coats in Flat, Satin or Gloss)


Using a hot glue gun, place a line of hot glue on the underside of the hardware piece (side that would be facing the drawer front).   Then wrap the jute string or twine around and around the hardware neatly and then make sure the end of your string when you are done is also on the underside of the drawer pull so you don’t see it.

Now you’re done !!   See how easy it is to have your hardware compliment the color of your furniture piece by painting them.   Great way to update your hardware and save a little money while your at it 🙂 Who doesn’t love that !!

If you don’t have hardware,  try feeding scrap fabric through the holes and tie nots on the inside to keep them in place.   This gives a cute “Shabby Chic”  and “Vintage Farmhouse”  vibe to any piece.

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