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Furniture Makeover with Dixie Belle Voodoo Gel Stain & Transfers!

This easy furniture makeover took only 3 products! I used Dixie Belle's Wisteria Spring Transfer & Voodoo Gel Stain to transform this dark factory finish.

If you want the look of bleached wood without using harsh chemicals, Dixie Belle's Voodoo Gel Stain is a non-toxic alternative. Even better, you can get the look of fresh painted flowers with a rub-on transfer. Follow along to see how I did it!

First, I sanded off the factory finish with my Surf Prep Sander, starting with an80 grit up to a 180 Grit Sanding Pad. That made it smooth to the touch, but still able to absorb the stain.

Since my transfer has a solid color backing, there's no need to paint the background. (I painted my drawers white for a different project idea) A tip: if you want to apply a transfer on raw wood you should have the raw wood sealed with a clear coat sealer or a coat of paint since raw wood may make it difficult for the transfer to adhere perfectly.

Step 1 - How to Apply the Wisteria Spring Transfer

I trimmed the transfer to fit my drawer. Then peeled off the paper backing to apply it to my surface.

Using the transfer tool that comes in the kit, rub on the design until it releases from the plastic.

Step 2 - How to Get a Bleached Wood Look without Bleach

To start, I I pour the Voodoo Gel Stain in the color "Tobacco Road" onto a disposable plate. Holding my brush straight across, I make long strokes to create more depth in the wood.

Once the Tobacco Road is dry, I use a clean chip brush to apply the color "Au Naturel" over top. Then I smooth it out using an applicator pad.

You can layer the stain the achieve deeper coverage or wipe it back with a damp rag if you apply too much. It's that easy!

Follow along step-by-step in my 2 Part Tutorial by clicking each of the links below.

When it comes to DIY Furniture & Decor projects, there's a lot of choices. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you enjoyed it, and that you're inspired to try something new.

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