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Patina Pots

This is a GREAT way to turn a $3.99 plastic outdoor planting pot into a decorative piece to showcase your flowers in your yard or on your porch.   I’ll show you how to make it water proof to last through the seasonal elements.

I’m a Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador

Products Needed: (I use all Dixie Belle Product – You can click on any blue text and it will take you directly to the site to purchase that item.  These are my affiliate links, and I do receive a small commission on products sold as a thank you from the manufacture.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra for using the links and I thank you for your support  )

Clear Coat in Satin  (you can use Gator Hide instead)

Chip Brushes and Sponge Brush (these will be thrown away when done)

Step 1:   Clean the pots, removing any dust and dirt.

Step 2:  (Optional)  I primed the piece with Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick.   Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick is a bonding primer, and even though this particular pot wouldn’t require priming because its not a slick surface I use it to help the paint deal with the harsh weather elements since this will be on my front porch exposed to sun / humidity / moisture.

Step 3:   I painted the bottom half in Bunkerhill Blue (2 coats) and the top half in Buttercream  (it covered great with just one coat).   I don’t worry about having a neat line between the 2 colors because this is where we will be adding the patina products.

Step 4:   I seal the paint with either Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in Satin, Gloss or Gator Hide.   This protects my paint from staining after I apply the patina activation spray when it runs down the paint, I can use a baby wipe or wet paper towel to clean it up without it staining my paint.     If you skip this step, the activation spray drips will leave lines in your paint because the paint is pores and will obsorb the spray quickly.

Step 5:   Time for some PATINA FUN !!!    Shake… Shake…. and Shake again !  You need to shake you patina paint really well before using because it has little bits of metal in it that activates the patina process when exposed the activation spray.   Today I’m using Bronze Patina Paint from Dixie Belle.   Make sure you use a chip brush (or sponge) that can be thrown away after its used.   I don’t take any risks with my pipes having metal products put down them…. so I use throw away what ever I use after application (I don’t wash them and reuse).    Apply the Bronze Patina paint along the line where the two colors of paint meet.  Leaving a jagged edge ads to the character and fun of this look.   Let it dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 6:   This step…. you must get all your products ready before you start.  Time is crucial for a successful finish.   I made sure to shake my Bronze Patina Paint well, I also got my chip brush and sponge applicator ready (I like to use a sponge to apply my activation spray so I have more control, but you can use the sprayer that comes with it if you want).   I pour some Blue Activation Spray into a bowl and now I’m ready to begin.

Step 7:  Apply your Bronze Patina Paint, then while your paint is WET ….. (must be wet), apply your Blue Activation Spray with a sponge over the wet Bronze where ever you want to see patina occur.   You can apply the spray with a sponge, brush, or use the sprayer….. each one gives a unique look.

Step 8:   Wipe’s up all the dripes using a wet wipe or wet paper towel to avoid the drips from staining your paint.

Step 9:   Let it process for several hours.   (I let mine sit for about 4 hours)    TIP:   If you are using Iron Patina Paint with Green Activation Spray, it takes much longer to see the rust patina results….. I usually let that sit over night.

Step 10:   (Optional) Apply Bronze Gilding wax to the edges between the patina and the Bunkerhill and Buttercream paint colors.  This adds a pop of shimmer / shine, dressing up the transition between the textures.   I use a small craft brush to do the application.

Step 11:  Seal the entire pot with Gator Hide to make it water proof.   For best results, you should apply at least 3 coats (letting at least 2 hours minimum between coats).

Waaa  Laaa …. the beautiful new pot is done 🙂

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