Dixie Belle Makes It Easy #NoMoreRules

Click Here for Video Tutorial Do you sit there and look at a piece of furniture in your home thinking ....."I don't want to get rid of this piece, but it just doesn't look good in my room anymore"  ?     Are you scared to paint it because you are afraid it won't...

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My Patina Dipped Bombay

This technique may look familiar to you because I did this on my guest bathroom vanity a few months back.   I was playing around with the patina products from Dixie Belle when I painting the vanity, and loved how it turned out so I decided to do a similar look on...

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Dining Table Make Over

To check out the Dixie Belle products used on this project, here is my affiliate link :  Dixie Belle Affiliate Link This project was very time consuming, but well worth the effort when it was done.   As a furniture flipper, I come across alot of high gloss dining...

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My Patina Vanity

This was my first project using the Dixie Belle Paint Company's patina products, and now I'm hooked.....I want to patina everything !! Here is my Dixie Belle affiliates link to purchase any of the products used in this project:   Dixie Belle Site Affiliate Link!...

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My Favorite Things

I get asked all the time "What are you using on that project?" or "Where did you buy that? "..... well here it is....My List of Favorite Things and Where to Find Them.   Each item below has a affiliate link attached to take you to a location to purchase the item.  ...

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Experimenting with Tinting Wax

So, on this project, I really did some experimenting!! I started off my painting the piece all different pastel colors so that when I put a coat of white paint over them and distressed in areas the pastel colors would show through. I used Annie Sloan in Pure White...

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Dixie Bell Chalk Paint- 1st Impressions

So now that I’ve dove right into painting furniture full throttle. I’ve decided to try out some new paint brands. So this week I tried out Dixie Belle Paint Company Chalk Paint. I use to think “Buying chalk paint online was expensive”, but I was pleasantly...

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Dixie Bell Red Barn Beauty

I decided to LEAP out of my comfort zone and use Dixie Belle Paint Co Barn Red paint on this project. I’ve never painted a piece of furniture red before, so this was going to be a new experience for me. For some reason, this piece just kept screaming at me “Paint...

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Dixie Bell Blueberry Shelf Transformation

Okay...let the fun begin. At the end of this tutorial, I have included a video tutorial link that shows the entire process also....for those of you who enjoy watching and not reading...LOL. If you are interested in purchasing any of the Dixie Belle products, here...

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Dixie Bell No Pain Gel Stain Beauty

This piece was pretty damaged when I got him...but he had great bones!!! I started off by cleaning him with Dixie Belle White Lightening (I premix mine cleaner and keep in a spray bottle so its ready to go when I need it). I spray the piece down and then wipe with...

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