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Adding an Image to Your DIY Projects using Pieces Prints

Want to really customize your home decor DIY or furniture projects.  I found a fun, unique and easy solution.   There’s a new company out called Piece Prints (  You can send them  your own photos or images, or you can select from copyright free (or public domain) images available on their site or ones you find on your own, and they will print them to your specific dimensions.

This blog contains affiliate links, that don’t cost you anymore when making any purchases, and I get compensated which allows me to provide this free content.

If you prefer to watch video tutorials, I have 2 videos at the bottom of this post for you to watch and enjoy.

These images are self adhesive image overlays.  What that means is each image is printed in the form of a very thin type film that adheres to your project.  No burnishing or rubbing the image to apply.

Steps to apply:

  1.  Make sure your surface is clean.   If applying to furniture, it works best to be on a chalk painted surface (no top coat sealer needed prior to applying). I use Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint for my project.   If applying to raw wood or art canvas, you need to have a clear coat water based sealer on the surface (and let it dry) prior to applying a print to it.

  2. When you order your prints, you pick the dimensions so no cutting required unless you have an unusual shape, then trimming may be required to fit your surface.  Cut the images prior to beginning.

  3. Peal back the white backing paper about 1 to 2 inches and adhere it to your desired location. Then slowly pull back the white backing paper while smooth out the image onto your surface (use a soft cloth pressing the image down and pushing out air bubble from the center out to the sides).   Slowly work your way down until your entire image is applied to your project.

  4. Time to seal it.  Select a sealer with the desired sheen.  I like to use a flat top coat (Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Flat) and I stipple it on with a makeup sponge to give it a canvas look.   Dip your makeup sponge in your top coat and wipe it off on the edge of your dish to remove excess product and apply in a dapping up and down motion all over your image.  It gives it a canvas matte look.  Apply a second coat after the first coat dries.  Make sure to get the edges of your images sealed well.

  5. After the image has been sealed, you can paint, wax and add any embellishments that you want.

Here is a video of me applying a print on wood from start to finish :    Applying a Piece Print Tutorial

Here is a LIVE video on my applying images to a buffet:

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