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Sunflower Inspiration Tutorial – 3 Projects using Dixie Belle Transfers & Chalk Mineral Paint

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Using the Belles & Whistles Sunflower Transfers by Dixie Belle, I put together 3 Projects with the colors and products to get the look, PLUS a Video Tutorial to follow along. You can get all of these looks with a few simple techniques that’s easy for beginners or advanced painters!

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to do these painting techniques:

  • Blending with 3 Colors of Paint

  • Using Wax to add character & get an aged look

  • Applying Clear Coat with a Foam Roller

  • Using Chalk Paint to Stain Wood

  • Dry Brushing Technique for a Barn Wood Finish

You will see bold colored text in the product list, those are links to each product so that you can locate the products easily if you are wanting to purchase them.

Dixie Belle Products used for the Tea Cart:  

(You can get all the products in one kit): Here.

OR you can buy the products individually with the links below:

Project #1 Sunflower Tea Cart

For the top of the tea cart, I blended 3 colors, starting with the bolder color on the outer edges and blending in towards the center.

Starting with Colonel Mustard, then Lemonade into Drop Cloth to lighten up the center.

Using 3 colors makes the blending easier & the transition more natural, giving you a flawless airbrushed effect.

Using my Dixie Belle Mini, I start with Colonel Mustard and work my way around all of the corners.

Keep your Water Mister Bottle handy & spray as you go to prevent the paint from drying.

Next, add the Lemonade, blending it out as you paint. This will make blending easier later on.

Add the Drop Cloth to the center, blending and misting as you go.

To give it a more airbrushed finish, you can use a clean, dry brush to finish the blending.

I used the Dixie Belle Oval Medium & some dry paper towels.

When your brush gets too wet, wipe it off on a paper towel.

Keep misting and blending until you get your desired finish. If the colors gets too light, or too dark, you can always add more paint and blend!

Last, I painted the base of the cart using the color Coffee Bean.

Wait 24 hours for your paint to properly dry before doing any more steps.

Now it’s time to apply the transfers!

How to Apply Dixie Belle Transfers:

  • Cut out the design to fit your piece. Peel off the white paper backing and carefully place the transfer where you want the design.

  • Using a transfer tool, rub back and forth over the design.

  • While rubbing, gently lift the transfer, starting at one corner. Rub and lift at the same time to “release” the image.

  • Once you’ve done that, it is important to “burnish” the design by rubbing over it with your fingers and a cloth. This will get rid of air bubbles or halos, and help it to adhere properly without bubbling or peeling.

  • Wait 24 hours, then seal with a water-based Clear Coat to protect the design.

Do not use an oil-based clear coat to seal it. I like to use Dixie Belle’s Water Based Polyacrylic Clear Coat in satin.

How to Apply Clear Coat with a Roller:

 For this step I used Dixie Belle’s Satin Clear Coat, and a high-density foam roller for cabinets & doors.

 Using a roller to apply clear coat makes a flawless finish with no brush strokes. It’s my favorite way to apply clear coat, and the easiest way to do it.

 I prefer to use the Dixie Belle Satin Clear Coat to seal most paint because it doesn’t dry quickly. This gives you a long working time to smooth out lines or missed spots.

 Preload the roller by getting it completely covered with clear coat, then using a heavy hand, roll it on in a straight line.

You may see gaps and roller marks since the surface may not be completely flat.

 Then come back at a 45-degree angle to fill in the roller marks and gaps.  

Repeat this until it’s completely covered, then go back and gently smooth out any lines using the roller.

 Let this dry for at least an hour before moving on to the next step.

Depending on your weather conditions, it could take a little longer to dry in more humid climates.

How to use Wax to Darken Edges

To add more character and give the corners a more aged look, I used Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in Brown.

 It’s a water-based wax that’s easy to work with and very forgiving.

How to Apply Wax

I use a French Tip Brush to apply the wax, then an Applicator Pad to buff it back in a circular motion.

Using a circular motion when wiping it back gives it a more even blended look.

When I dip my brush into the wax, I tap off any excess onto the lid to avoid big chunks of wax getting stuck on there.

If you want a darker finish, you can always add more wax and wipe it back.

I did a second coat of wax because I wanted to really define those edges around the table.

Now it really pops with the colors of the stencils, and the bottom of the table.

Project #2 : How to Stain Raw Wood using Chalk Mineral Paint

Did you know you could use Chalk Mineral Paint to stain your wood? I used Coffee Bean on this Raw Wood Serving Tray, and it’s super quick and simple!

Materials for this project:

  • Water mister bottle

  •  Chip brush

  • Coffee Bean Paint

  1. Pour out a small amount of paint into a bowl, then grab your water Mister Bottle and your Chip Brush.

  2. Mist your piece with water. Misting your piece with water will open the grains, and help the stain absorb for a more even application.

  3. Mist your brush, dip lightly in the paint, then brush in the direction of the grain. The more water you use, the more translucent the finish will be.

  4. Wipe off the excess paint with a paper towel.

  5. If it goes on too heavy, wipe your brush off onto a paper towel, mist it with water, then work it out using your brush.

  6.  After it’s dry to the touch, I apply the transfers, then seal it using a Dixie Belle Flat Small, and a Satin Clear Coat.

Project #3: How to Dry Brush Wood to get a Driftwood Look

Using 3 of the colors in this project, I used a dry-brushing technique for an aged driftwood effect.

For this project, I have 3 dry Chip Brushes to layer the Colonel Mustard, Drop Cloth, & Coffee Bean separately.

Using very little paint on your brush, swipe the brush back and forth very lightly to catch the texture of the wood.

Alternate & layer each color using the same dry brushing method until you get the finish you like.

I started with Coffee Bean, then added Colonel Mustard, then Drop Cloth.

Once it’s dried, apply your transfers. Don’t forget to seal them with a water-based clear coat whether it’s Satin or Flat.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to give the Sunflower Transfer using the color combinations I put together for it. Put some comments down below if you do!

I’m always sharing free painting tutorials and videos, plus easy tips and tricks for painting furniture!

Make sure to follow me on all my social media platforms:

Dixie Belle Products for this project:

  • Sunflower Transfers

  • Chalk Mineral Paint in Colonel Mustard,

  • Lemonade, Drop Cloth, & Coffee Bean

  • Best Dang Wax in Brown

  • Applicator Pad

  • Satin Clear Coat

  • Dixie Belle Mini Synthetic Brush

  • Oval Medium Brush

  • Premium Chip Brush

  • Dixie Belle Flat Small Brush

  • Paper Towels

  • Foam Roller

  • Water Mister Bottle

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