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Mixing Colors and Where to Find the Recipe

So, are you stuck trying to find a fun unique color for that next project? Are you trying to find a color that will match with your decor style?  What if you can’t find that color ?  Well, I wanted to show you a tip on where to find some options to inspire you.   As most of you know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle Paint, and I spend a lot of time using and playing with their huge selection of color options. But I wanted to share you with something you might not have ever seen if you haven’t been on their website.   They offer “Color Recipes” for combing their colors to get a beautiful new color.   Now, since we are on electronic devices and lap tops, our resolutions may not all be the same…. so some colors may vary.  Also keep in mind that you will have to play with the ratios as far as quantity of each color combined together, but at least this is a great place to start and get you inspired.    To shop for any of these Dixie Belle colors or to just see the color options, here is my affiliate link:  DIXIE BELLE ONLINE.  If you make a purchase, I do get thank you compensation from Dixie Belle and I thank you in advance for that.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Dixie Belle Website:  Click Here

  2. Click on the color categories under PAINT

  3. When you pick a color, for example:   Cobalt Blue …..   You will see below the container size options and a picture that will show you a popular color that can be mixed with that and the new color it makes in the center.    Here is an example:  Cobalt Blue and Haint Blue mixed….makes a color called Clear Sky.    

Here are some of my favorite Color Combos that are on the Dixie Belle site:

I hope you find this helpful !! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook at Ajs Vintage Designs, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube 

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