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Let’s Talk “Gel Stains” and Options

I get questions on a regular basis about how to use all the different stains (oil based, water based and stain “look-a-likes”.   I did a video on this and decided to write out all the important details for you all in a blog as well.    All products used in these videos are Dixie Belle Products and can be purchased here, and I do receive a thank you credit for each purchase so I want to thank you in advance for your support:  DIXIE BELLE Online Store:   

There are a few options available to get a stained finish to your furniture or home decor projects.  Dixie Belle carries Voodoo Gel Stain (which is water based), No Pain Gel Stain (which is oil based) or you can mix a wash using the chalk mineral paint color of your choice mixed with water for a stained look as well.  There are things you need to consider when deciding which products you want to use.

VooDoo Gel Stain:   This is an amazing option for stain because it’s water based (yes, water based).  You can apply this over paint,  raw wood, layer it (apply different colors of Voodoo over each other to get a driftwood look or to make a custom color), use it as a glaze substitute or water it down to make it more of a color wash.  Since it is a thin liquid (and not a true gel) it absorbs into porous surfaces to give your surface a beautiful touch of color and be able to highlight the natural wood grains.   The Voodoo Gel Stain can be sealed with any of the Dixie Belle clear coats, waxes, and  hemp oil.  So many options to choose from, makes this product hard to beat.  Voodoo Gel Stain comes in 7 colors :  from left to right : Temptress (Teal), Bayou Moss (Earthy Green), White Magic, Tobacco Road (brown), Denim (blue), Up in Smoke (gray), Black Magic 

Here is a video on how to use the Voodoo Gel Stains for a driftwood look:

No Pain Gel Stain (Oil Based): No Pain Gel Stain gives a more pigment coverage and is an actual “gel consistency” where as its water based counter part (the Voodoo Gel Stain is a liquid consistency and less pigmented).   With its thicker consistency, it settles more “ontop” of your surface and does not required to be absorbed into the surface.   This option is a great when you need to deepening the look of a factory finish…..yes, it can be applied over a factory finish (usually requires 2 coats when covering a factory finish).   There are some things to keep in mind when using an oil based gel stain: 1) it takes longer to dry so its recommended you do not apply a clear coat for 3-5 days after your last application  2) For best results, its recommended to seal with a clear coat such as Dixie Belle’s water based clear coats.  The gel base of this stain is not absorbent or porous, so it’s not recommended to use sealers that require to be absorbed such as hemp oils or waxes.   The No Pain Gel Stain can be applied over raw wood, chalk painted surfaces, previously stained wood, and factory finishes.   It comes in 6 color options (that can be mixed or layered for custom finishes):   Georgian Cherry, Picklin White, Weathered Gray, Colonal Black, Espresso, Walnut

Here is a video on how to use the No Pain Gel Stain over a factory finish:  

Color Wash as an alternative to stain:    Don’t have stain on hand or want to make your own custom color stained look?   You can also use your chalk paint and water it down (50/50 mix of water to paint ratio).   With this option, you have the ease of application, with the ability to customize the color or tone you want, and can seal with any of the sealers (hemp oil, clear coats, waxes).   Just think of the options:  Pink stained look over raw wood….. that would be amazing !!   I personally like to use Dixie Belle’s Coffee Bean (darkest brown) mixed as a wash and applied over raw wood…gorgeous.   You don’t want to do this over a factory finish though.  This can be done over raw wood or chalk paint.

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