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The New Best Dang Brush and La Petite Brushes from Dixie Belle

Are you curious about the new brushes being released today from Dixie Belle ?  There are 2 new brushes being released:  The Best Dang Brush and the La Petite Brush.  You can find them on the Dixie Belle website here.  (this is my affiliate link and I do get a thank you from Dixie Belle when purchases are made and it doesn’t cost you anymore… so I thank you in advance for using my link).

What makes them different than other brushes on the market ?  I’m glad you asked.   These brushes are a blend of natural bristles (70%) and PET filaments (fancy word for synthetic)  (30%).  Having the PET filaments in the brush helps prevent brush marks with water based products because the filaments do not swell significantly in water, so the tips stay fine and smooth.    Having the natural bristles is great because they split at the ends (unlike split ends in our hair, these split ends are a good thing)… and this allows the bristles to pick up, hold, and distribute paint  to speed up your painting process.

What is my favorite use for these brushes ?  

The Best Dang Brush:  I love this mostly for applying my clear wax.  It makes it quick and easy with a smooth gentle application.   I also love using this brush dry with no paint on it to use over my blended paint to give it cloudy beautiful finish (swirling the brush around the painted areas pulling the colors together for that cloudy look.

The La Petite Brush:  This is my all time favorite brush for applying Dixie Belle’s Big Mama’s Butta.  The small short handle makes it easy to reach inside your piece to apply the Butta on the drawer rails, inside drawer casings and and other hard to reach spaces.    Big Mama’s Butta is one of Dixie Belle’s products used for conditioning wood, sealing paint, and freshening up the scent of our pieces.   I also love using this brush for applying colored waxes.  The tapered round top of this brush gets the colored waxes into all those nooks, crannies, corners and grooves easily and with more control.

Here is a LIVE demonstration I did using the Best Dang Brush for waxing a piece:: Click Here for Video Demo

Here is a LIVE demonstration using the Best Dang Brush for Blending :  Click Here for Video Demo

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