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Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Way to Update Your Hardware

Want a quick, easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your hardware?  When it comes to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and furniture, replacing hardware to get a new updated look can be quit pricey.   I started using a product from Redesign with Prima called Decor Wax.  It comes in lots of beautiful colors, and on this project I will be using their silver called “Shiny Star”.  No experience needed for this project, it really is that easy !!! (Blue text in this blog will take you to the products and they are my affiliate links so I do get credit when you make a purchase…I thank you in advance for your support).

To watch a full video tutorial: Click Here

The drawer pull on the left was done with the Decor Wax and the one on the right is how it looks before the wax.  This wax goes on smooth and after it dries its has staying power….. strong as paint.

We all know the first step before doing a project is to clean it really well first.  You need to remove the dirt, grease from fingers, and built up residue from years of use.  I like to use rubbing alcohol or window cleaner and then wipe off any cleaning product residue with water.

Next, rub  a little of the Decor Wax on your finger and apply it to your clean hardware in smooth strokes.  I find that using your finger give smoother coverage and also more control of the application.  Cover all the areas you can reach using your finger (don’t worry, you can wash it off your hands before it completely dries using soap and water).

For those hard to reach areas, I use a stiff bristle craft brush.  Rub the tip of the brush into the Decor Wax then brush it into those hard to reach areas.   I clean my brushes after using the Decor Wax with a little mineral spirits and then rinse with water so they are ready when I need them again.

If you want some added project for your new hardware look, I like to use a spray sealer (the sheen of your choice) but I actually used a matte sealer and they still have a beautiful shine to them.   That’s all there is to it !!! Can you believe how easy this was… so what are you waiting for?  Update your hardware and give you kitchen, bathroom, or furniture a new fresh look.

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