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Patina and Gilding Wax for the Win

I LOVE using patina on furniture and I have several video tutorials on different ways to get different looks.  Rust (Iron Patina with Green Activation Spray) is my usual “go-to” look I like to use.   I’m going to show you an easy way to get a multi-tonal look (Rust with hints of greens, blues and bronze throughout).   Since I am a Brand Ambassador for Dixie Belle Paints, I will be using their patina and gilding wax products.  If you are interested in any of these products, the products will have my affiliate link for you to click and take you directly to that product to check it out or to purchase.  I do get compensated for purchases made using my links.  It doesn’t cost you more, they just give me a thank you for showing others how to use their products.

Let me start off by showing you the before and after pictures so you can see what I’m going to show you.

To see the video tutorial:  Click Here

This is a quick and easy way to amp up your patina look.  What I did was brushed on a little Black gilding wax to all the edges for shadowing using a still craft brush.  You can see in the picture that it really brings out the corners and edges.

Then I added some Turquoise Teal gilding wax for an added pop of color in the same manner as I did the black gilding wax.  I selected random areas that I wanted to see some added color.

Then for the Green Patina gilding wax.  I didn’t use much of that because its similar to the look I was getting from the Turquoise Teal.  I added just enough for some “added dimension”.

Then I added some Hammered Copper gilding wax for a little shimmer and shine.  Who doesn’t love a little shimmer and shine ….not this girl.  I love to see how it looks from different directions…. LOVE IT .

Clean up any dust and blend it all together for a more natural look using a lint free cloth.

When I was finished with my entire furniture piece, I then sealed it all with Dixie Belle’s Howdy Do Hemp Oil.  (How to apply the hemp oil will be the next tutorial I will be posting).   So as you can see, its quick and easy to add dimension and color to your patina.  So next time you have a patina project and you want it to really come to life…. add a little gilding wax…. its a quick and easy way to really make an impact.

Thanks for visit my page.    

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