What You Need in Your Painter’s Tool Kit

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, you really need to have a "Painter's Took Kit" full of products and tools you use on a regular basis.  This is especially handy for the beginner, so you know what products you will need to keep on hand at a...

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Freshen Up Your Old Furniture

FRESHEN UP YOUR FURNITURE .... ITS QUICK AND EASY !! Click on the logo to shop Dixie Belle's Site.  This is an affiliate link, so I do get a small thank you commission from Dixie Belle but it doesn't cost you anymore for this.  I thank you for using my link and...

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Using Dark Wax to Add Dimension and Character

    I'm a Brand Ambassador with Dixie Belle Paints, all blue text below are my affiliate links that can take you to product's page on Dixie Belle's website if you are interested in purchasing.  I get a small commission as a thank you from Dixie Belle and...

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Oh, how I love to add a “Pretty Transfer”

With the rich pigmented colors from Dixie Belle paints, accessorized with a transfer..... Dixie Belle makes it easy to get really artistic with your projects.  You know by now that I am obsessed with using Dixie Belle paints, and now I've also been on a transfer...

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Patina Pots

  This is a GREAT way to turn a $3.99 plastic outdoor planting pot into a decorative piece to showcase your flowers in your yard or on your porch.   I'll show you how to make it water proof to last through the seasonal elements. ( Click Here for Full Video...

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Trash 2 Treasure Episode 2

Full Video Tutorial:  Click Here  I'm Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador (All blue text contain my affiliate link for that product.  You can click on that text and it will take you directly to that product for purchase.  Since it's an affiliate link, I do get a small...

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Dog Chew On Your Furniture ….Let’s Fix It !!

Dogs love to chew .... and sometime their love of chewing on wood results in damage to our furniture.  Don't throw it out.... let's fix it. (Click here to watch the video tutorial version) Products Needed:  (Click on each product to use my affiliate link to...

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Best Brushes for Painting Furniture

LOVING THESE BRUSHES  If you know me, you know I love my Dixie Belle Brushes.    Dixie Belle has a new line of synthetic brushes that are amazing.    I have my favorites, and I'm going to share that with you and tell you why. Click on the brushes to visit Dixie...

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Updating Furniture Hardware

Ya'll know that I use Dixie Belle paints for just about all of my projects and I'm always up for saving a few bucks !!   New hardware or custom hardware can be expensive, so why not paint the hardware to fresh'n it up or buy some inexpensive new hardware for a...

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Tips for Painting Perfect Stripes

Tips for Painting Perfect Stripes Click Affilate Banner to visit Dixie Belle's Website (click on high lighted products to use my affiliate link to see or purchase that product on Amazon or Dixie Belle's website.   ) Step 1:      Paint your base color on your...

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