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Which Sealer to use for Painted or Unpainted Furniture? Plus a Full Video Tutorial

From the easiest sealer, to the toughest sealer, and everything in between. Let's talk about sealing painted furniture & protecting unpainted furniture.

#1: The EASIEST Sealer to use, Easy-Peasy Spray Wax

#2: The second EASIEST Sealer to use: Best Dang Wax in Clear

#3: Howdy-Do Hemp Oil - The most versatile & food-safe Sealer

#4: Big Mama's Butta - Use that stuff on anything!

#5: Water-based Clear Coats in Flat, Satin & Gloss

#6: Special-formulated sealers for Terra Clay Paint

#7: The TOUGHEST water-repellant sealer

 When it comes to DIY Furniture & Decor projects, there's a lot of choices. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and hope you had time to watch the full tutorial. I also have quite a few videos on individual sealers on my Facebook & YouTube channel.

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