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Trash 2 Treasure

I’m starting a new series called “Trash 2 Treasure”.   My youtube channel has tons of Thrifted Transformations videos and tutorial for sewing and transforming thrifted items, so I decided to merge that with my love for painting.   So …… Trash 2 Treasure begins 🙂

Product List: (blue text are my affiliate links that will take you right to that product)

Dixie Belle Slick Stick (primer):  for high gloss or slippery surfaces

Dixie Belle Paint in the color FLUFF (a beautiful white color)

Dixie Belle Easy Peasy Spray Wax:   A clear spray wax (dries in 30 minutes) cures in 6 hours.

Dixie Belle Paint in the color CAVIAR:  (its their darkest black paint).

FIFO Paint Dispenser Bottles:  These squeeze bottles are what I use to keep my paints fresh and easily dispense how much paint I need when I need it .

This use to be a mirror stand for the top of a smaller dresser.  Its not made of wood….unfortunately it’s made of “plastic”.    Since its a slippery surface, it will need a bonding primer to make the surface paintable (or should I say “make the paint last and not be easily scratched off).   The primer I use is “

Slick Stick” .    I apply 1 coat of primer over the entire surface and then let dry for 2 hours before applying my paint (Dixie Belle Fluff).   For a beautiful smooth finish, I apply 2 coats of Fluff.

After the 2 coats have dried, I seal the paint using Dixie Belle’s Easy Peasy Spray Clear Wax.   Allowing the clear wax to dry for 30 minutes, I then buff it for a smooth finish.   If you like the clean, crisp, white look….you can stop here and have a beautiful new/updated home decor piece for your home.  If you want the farmhouse / shabby chic look then you can lightly sand all the carvings and edges with a 220 grit sandpaper to draw attention to the beautiful carvings / embellishments on the piece.  

Now, let’s make the chalk board to put inside the frame.   This is the easy part 🙂   The backing board that was in this frame that was originally used to hold in a mirror will be perfect for a chalk board.   I brushed on 3 coats of Dixie Belle’s Caviar (their blackest of black paints).  I let each coat dry for 45 minutes before applying the next coat.

All we have to do now is put it all back together and write a little message on our new chalk board.  I prefer to use chalk paste with a stencil or chalk pens.

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