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My Favorite Things

I get asked all the time “What are you using on that project?” or “Where did you buy that? “….. well here it is….My List of Favorite Things and Where to Find Them.   Each item below has a affiliate link attached to take you to a location to purchase the item.   For full disclosure, I do get a small compensation for each purchase that is mae using my links.  It takes alot of time and money to put together tutorials, blogs, and answering project questions, so I really do appreciate it when you use my links, every little bit helps and I thank you 🙂

 Dixie Belle Paint Company:  My “go-to” brand for painting my furniture

FIFO Bottles: Easy Storage and Dispensing of Paint

Wooster Sponge Brush: For Applying Top Coats

3 Wheel Furniture Skates

Roller Seat: This will save your back and bottom when working on cement floors.

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