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I’ve Been Busy: 2 of my Dixie Belle Painted Projects

Project 1: I sanded the top-side of this piece to show the beautiful grain of the wood. The rest of the piece I lightly sanded due to the fact it had old yellowed tape stuck all over it and I didn’t want to sit and pick it all off… so I sanded it to save time.

After this, I primed this piece using the BOSS (except for the top two sanded area). BOSS is a product Dixie Belle sells that blocks orders, stains, and bleed-through.

Then I painted the piece in Vintage Duck Egg to get this beautiful country blue hue. The two top side pieces were finished with No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut. If you haven’t used Gel Stain…You don’t know what you’re missing…Its amazing!!

I sealed the entire piece with their Satin Top Coat, the applied Clear Wax, then added Dark Wax in the detailed areas to make them stand out more.

The piece was shorter than a normal vanity, so I added cast iron feet to it and painted them with the Bronze patina paint to match all my bronze drawer pulls.

Project 2 I have to say, this piece was a BLAST to do!! I had so much fun. I didn’t do any prep other than giving it a good cleaning with White Lightening. After that, I painted the entire piece (even the top) with Caviar_ which is a stunning black color.

Next, I randomly applied the Iron patient paint on the top and then in smaller areas I added the Bronze patina paint to give more contrast. I used a chip brush so I could just throw them away when I was done. I stippled the patina paints on in a random pattern (Did I coat, let it dry, and then on the second coat you apply the patina spray while it is wet_ that is a must). I applied the green patina spray with a chip brush in a stippling motion to have more control over where it goes. After that__ have fun watching the paint dry.

To prevent seeing any possible streaks when applying the Gator Hide over such a dark color. I added a teaspoon of the Caviar paint to the Gator Hide to tint it so I would have a flawless finish.

Added new hardware and she was ready for her new forever home.

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