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Unique is an Understatement :)

When I found this piece, I was thinking “What the heck is this?”   I’ve never seen a piece of furniture like it.  It’s called a “Hidden Chair Table” and what a genius idea !!!  To get this piece ready for painting, I first had to sturdy it up….it was pretty wobbly.  All it took was to tighten all the screws and add a few extra ones in areas to make this a “solid and sturdy” piece.  I washed her down with Krud Kutter to remove all the built-up dirt and grime from being in a storage barn for “what looked like many years”.   I then filled in any deep scratches with paintable wood filler.

Ready to Paint:  I painted the entire surface with Artminds Onyx Chalk Paint.   To get into the cubbies under the table, I put a sock on my hand and dipped it into the paint and wiped it into the areas a paint brush wouldn’t fit.   I clear coated everything with Artisan Enhancements Top Coat Sealer.  I then decoupaged fabric in the recessed decorative part of the chairs.  (I prepped the fabric by letting it set in some tea water to take away the brightness of the white in the fabric and then threw it in the washer….but DID NOT use any fabric softener since I was going to be decoupaging it).

Distressing:  I took 120 grit sandpaper and ran it along all the raised areas to give it a little contrast and age.  After distressing, I realized the top of the table needed something more so I dry brushed Waverly Espresso Chalk Paint across the top to give it that little “extra something”.

Final Touches:  I added 2 more coats of Artisan Enhancements Top Coat Sealer.

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