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From Dark and Scary to Light and Bright!

I purchased this hutch from an auction and no one wanted it, but I had a vision for it.  I always wanted to try the “ombre” look on a piece of furniture, so I figured “What the heck….I’m going to give it a try on this piece.”

I first gave it a deep cleaning using Krud Kutter to get all the years of dirt and grime off of it.  Then I put a thin coat of  “Zinsser Primer 123” to prevent that dark wood from showing through my selected paint colors.   I then painting the entire desk in Rust-oleum Chalked in “Aged Grey” and then went and painted the lower parts in Artminds Chalk Paint in “Sea Glass” ….may I say I’m in love this this color !!!

I did a little youtube tutorial on how I blended the colors to give it this look.  Click on the link here to see the video:

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