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Dixie Bell Blueberry Shelf Transformation

Okay…let the fun begin. At the end of this tutorial, I have included a video tutorial link that shows the entire process also….for those of you who enjoy watching and not reading…LOL. If you are interested in purchasing any of the Dixie Belle products, here is my affiliate’s link:

I starts this project by cleaning the entire piece really well with Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner. I premix mine, and put it into a spray bottle so that I have it ready when I need it. I spray down the entire piece, and then wipe with a clean cloth, then I take a spray bottle of water and spray it down and wipe again to remove any cleaning product that is left behind.

To make sure I don’t have any bleed thru (which this piece had a high probability of that with all the visible circular stains) I put a coat of “BOSS” on their entire piece using a damp brush. BOSS prevents ordor and stain bleed thru and it comed in clear or white…I use the clear one.

Now my piece is prepped and ready to paint. I chose to use Dixie Belle’s Berry for my first coat. This color to me is a cross between lavender and pale blue…I love the soft tone of this color.

After the first coat was dry, I added stripes of the Dixie Belle Blue Berry, Sand Bar and Drop Cloth, then misted it with a little water and started blending. After I blended all the stripes, added little slashes strokes of each color in random areas and blended again. This time I added a few slashes of Stormy Seas for dimension.

I repeated the entire process around all the sides, top and on each shelf. Finishing it off with a coat of Dixie Belle Top Coat in Satin.

Her is a video link to the entire process: Blending Video

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