Blending paint may sound hard if you’re just starting out, so I wanted to show you an easy style that’s great for beginners. This Blended Boho Sunrise Style is easy, and works with a variety of colors. Read on for my step-by-step tutorial, and watch along by clicking the video links at the end.

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Before I painted this dresser, I used Dixie Belle’s Boss to seal off any smells, and prevent bleed throughs. They recommend two coats of Boss, waiting about 2-4 hours between coats. Then, let dry for 24 hours to give the barrier a chance to dry before you apply more paint and water to it.

To start painting this dresser, I grabbed a few clean brushes, a water mister bottle, and each color paint poured onto a small dish. I don’t work directly from the paint jars so that my paint does not dry out.

When you’re misting, water will fall downward. You’ll want to start at the top of the piece, working your way down so that when you mist water you won’t get water droplets falling on your finished areas.

To begin the top band of colors, I start out by misting the area with water, then dipping my brush into the first color, Dixie Belle’s Chalk Mineral Paint in Rusty Nail.  I make slashes of the first color to map out my area that I want my color to blend. Sawmill Gravy is the second color I used, making “slashes” around the same area, but not overlapping.

Then I used Dixie Belle’s “Scarlet” Synthetic Brush to drag all the colors together, misting with water and feathering the brush back and forth to blend out the stripes.

If the color isn’t pulling enough, you can mist it with more water, and keep blending until you like the effect.


Another brush that works great for blending is the Dixie Belle Mini Synthetic Brush. I used both in my Video Tutorial so you can see how easily they worked for the job.

The next stripe is where I create the “sunset” in the middle, using Dixie Belle’s Chalk Mineral Paint in Daisy, Lemonade and Apricot.

Starting with Daisy in the center, then Lemonade, blending inwards from the outside with a bit of Rusty Nail.


On the bottom stripe, I used the same slashing technique to map out my colors with Dixie Belle’s Kudzu & Yankee Blue.


Now for the Top!

I used the slashing technique on the top for a wood-like finish with Dixie Belle’s Chalk Paint Chocolate, Pinecone, Sawmill Gravy, and Coffee Bean. (In that order)

First, I misted with water. Then using a clean Scarlet Brush, I drag the colors together. When the brush gets muddy with excess paint, use a clean paper towel to wipe it off, and keep blending.

I let the piece dry for 24 hours, and did a second coat on the bottom part of the dresser to even out where I felt it needed more color. Then, let dry for 24 hours to do the final touches.

For the next layer on top, I used Dixie Belle’s Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road. To apply, I like their reusable Applicator Pad, and a water mister bottle. Then I dip my pad into a small amount of stain, and make long smooth strokes, end to end, in a straight line. You don’t want to make an arch with your strokes, you want it to be straight. If it’s not blended to your liking, just mist with water and keep blending.

While still wet, I got a clean Applicator Pad and the Voodoo Gel Stain in White to soften the look. Voodoo Stain is water based, and will reactivate with water if it starts to dry while you’re blending. If you added too much, no worries, mist with water and wipe it off.

To finish the front & sides, I wanted to soften the look of the colors, and give it a soft glow. I started out by spraying the whole surface with Easy Peasy Spray Wax. Then I applied Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in White using their “Best Dang Brush”.


With a clean rag, wipe it back to reveal a soft glow, and keep wiping until you’re happy with the results. The wax will not only soften the look, it will also seal the piece at the same time. The brush I used is the perfect density for applying and blending wax.  Buff it within 15 to 20 minutes for best results.

After waiting 72 hours to dry, you can seal this piece and preserve the look of the wax by using Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat. That will protect the finish from water and keep it looking fresh.

You can watch along while I paint each step each on my Free Video Tutorials by clicking on these links:

Painting the piece:  Video Click Here

Waxing the piece:  Video Click Here

 Below is the list of supplies, and links to all of the products I used. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and find yourself inspired to try something new!

Dixie Belle’s Chalk Paint: Rusty Nail, Lemonade, Daisy, Apricot, Kudzu, Yankee Blue, Chocolate, Pinecone, Sawmill Gravy, and Coffee Bean

Dixie Belle’s Boss 

Dixie Belle’s Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road

Applicator Pad

Voodoo Gel Stain in White

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in White

Best Dang Brush