IMG_7572 My name is Amy, but everyone calls me Aj.  I’m not new to the thrifted transformation craze, but my past experience has mainly revolved around transforming / refashioning of old thrifted clothing and the hobby of sewing.  With that said, this thirfting addiction of mine has lead me to a new love…..transforming thrifted furniture.  I can’t get enough of it…..even though my family has a different opinion.  I’ve taken over the garage with a collection of old furniture just waiting for me to give it a new life.


I hope you enjoy all my before and after pictures of projects that I’ve done.  I will also do my best to include what brands I use, what colors, and what steps I took to get the finished look.   Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you follow me in this journey of creativity !!   BIG HUGS to you all 🙂