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Making Furniture Beautiful with a Stroke of the Brush.

My goal is to provide my clients with beautiful furniture that they will be proud to showcase in their homes or to teach them to transform their own furniture into show pieces they’ll be proud of.


Amy "Aj"

My name is Amy, but my friends know me as “Aj”. I’m the type of person who craves creativity and I’m always looking for a way to express myself. Whether it be painting furniture or refashioning an old article of clothing, this is what makes me happy. I started off doing the refashioning of thrifted clothes I would find at local charity shops, I’d tear them apart and make them into something new and then donate them back for others to enjoy. One day I found a piece of furniture that I just couldn’t walk away from. It was a crazy color dresser and had damaged from years of use, but something about it was calling for me to buy it and make something of it.

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Let’s get Creative! All about my online membership group.

How it works:

Ajs Creative Coaching is an online membership community for creatives who want to be inspired, learn, and experiment with products/techniques/materials. You will be a part of an exclusive group of furniture artists, crafters, and everyday DIY’ers.

In this community, you will have access to a new furniture makeover tutorial each month (from start to finish) that are exclusive to the group, along with guest artists and presenters, Q & A sessions, and more. All tutorials and presentations will be available for viewing anytime and the library of videos will grow each month for you to access.

This isn’t a business coaching group, this group is all about being creative and learning new techniques to build upon that creativity. What ever you are wanting to learn more about, just ask and I’ll do my best to get you what you need. I’m here to build your confidence with whatever you want to know more about .

You’ll have access to this community for sharing, learning, encouragement, support, and be among a family of like minded artists!  Whether you love to create as a hobby or a business, this is the place for you. I’m excited you are here and look forward to having you hang out with me and all the community members.

Everyone has Creativity

within them...

It's just a matter of

unlocking that creativity.

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